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CellPhone Repair Training Center

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CellPhone Repair Training
CELLBIZ International.
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Enroll Now!!! for only P3,888 Software / Hardware w/ tools manual books and GET a FREE copy of  PRO-Gtech Platinum software.....
Software  DCT3 and DCT4 Basic and Advance:
1, OpenLine All Dct3-Dct4 and Non-Nokia.
   (Mbus, Data Cables and DCT-X Calculator.)
2, Sec. Code Unlocking to All Mobile Phones.
   (Mbus and Fbus Cables)
3, Logo/Ringtones/Polytones/soft appl uploader.
   (Via Infra-red, Bluetooth and Cables.)
4, Flash Programing Full/Partial Back-up Files.
   (KODEX-ST, Knox2006 and Pro-Gtech 6.0)
5, CP Repair Deadset, No POWER and Power Failure.
   (WinDLS, WinDDP, KODEX, Twister and Power Flasher.)
6, CP Reapir Contact Service Cs1 and Cs2.
   (BPreaks 4.0, Kodex, WinDLS and Tornado/Twiter.)
7, Auto Shut-off and reboot problem.
   (WinDLS, Knok-ST and Power Flasher.)
8, Upgrading Software and Convert.
   (Kodex and WinDLS 5.0a)
9, CP Repair Signal Problem "Software"
   No Network, Weak and Dropping Signal.
10, LCD Inverting and Contrast "Software"
11, Unti-Virus Caribe and Comm Warr.
12, Hang or Haming / FIX 4 lock closed etc......
HARDWARE  Minor-Major Repair:
Learn the Basic Electronics, 3 steps Method for CP Repair Technology!

1, Key Pad Malfunctions or Key Pad Failure.

2, Insert SimCard or SimCard Failure.

3, Voice TX Failure.

4, No Ring Tones.

5, Slow Ring Tones or No Clock Display.

6, No Audio.

7, No Power or Power Failure.

8, Contact Service Cs1 and Cs2.

9, Not charging w/o warning sign and with sign.

10, S I G N A L Problem.

a.)    No Network b.) Long Searching No Access c.) Weak and Dropping.

11, Automatic Shut-off (power failure)

12, LCD Inverting, Backlighting and BGA Reworks.

13, Hamming Problem.

14, Water Damage (deadset phones) etc......

FREE TOOLS Manual Books and Software:
1, Analog Multi TESTER.
2, Soldering Iron 20watts 2pcs. with Soldering Stand 2pcs.
3, 1 Set of Presision Kits 4pcs.
4, 1 Roll Soldering leads, 1 Roll Jumper wire.
5, 2 SERVICE MANUAL BOOK Vol1 and 2.
6, BackLITE 20pcs. Blue.
7, Mini Comp Box 2 pcs.
8, CD Software (Pro-GTECH Platinum V6.0)
note: plus one time registration fee Php. 300
US$ 300 or US$ 500 only! (Foreigners student) 
Plus one time registration fee US$ 10 only!    
Note: we offer in-hauz home tutorial!
"FREE FOODS and Accommodation's'
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